This Summer on the Stuart Olson Dominion Festival Mainstage:

Romeo and Juliet

Directed by Will Brooks

A teenage girl meets the boy of her dreams – but her dad won’t have anything to do with him or his family. The feud between fathers goes back many years and keeps erupting anew. After Romeo kills Juliet’s cousin in a street fight, he must run to hide from both the law and revenge. Juliet is forced to take desperate measures to escape her father’s rules; she swallows a potion that makes her appear dead. She plans to rise from her crypt after burial and be with Romeo. But their love will never be. Come relive this heart-wrenching tragedy in the tent with Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan’s 30th season production of Romeo and Juliet.


The Taming Of The Shrew

Directed by Johnna Wright

Katherine is a strong willed woman who won’t be the servant to any man – Petruchio is an adventurous man who wants a wife with spark and drive. They are a perfect match – if only they both could drop their aggressive attacks long enough to realize it. Shakespeare adds a bratty younger sister, an impatient young lover, a lecherous old man, and a few witty servants to round out the tangled stories in this small town soap opera comedy. Come have some giggles and gasps with The Taming of the Shrew in the summer of 2014.