This Summer on the Stuart Olson Festival Mainstage:

Romeo and Juliet

Presented by:

Directed by Will Brooks

The romance of these star crossed lovers is possibly the greatest love story ever told.  It has endured the centuries and lived in the hearts of countless people from all walks of life, yet still resonates with crystal clarity today just as it did four hundred and twenty years ago.  It is the story of a generation ruled by eternal hatred, whose children - the iconic Romeo and Juliet - meet, fall into the deepest love ever written, and are plagued by the tragedies that tear them apart.  It is the story of a love so great that to live without it is to die.  This is the feeling that every human being desires above all else; those fortunate enough to find it are taken out of the context of time and place, and into eternity.


The Taming Of The Shrew

Presented by:

Directed by Johnna Wright

It’s the 1960's and girl-group doo-wop music reigns supreme.  Nonconformist Katharine lives in a world of submissive women in cute sweaters.  The picture is clear:  know your place, live for your man, be what he wants you to be.  Enter Petruchio.  He’s a nonconformist too, but he’s having more fun.  He needs money though, and ‘taming’ a rich shrew sounds like just the solution.  After striking a deal with Kate’s mother he is ready to propose... but when he meets Kate, he gets more than he bargained for:  more attitude, more insults, more fire, more wit, more intellect, and more humour.  The battle of wits is on.  Can Kate assert her independence, or will Petruchio get the doll-wife he’s looking for?  This year’s music-filled comedy is not to be missed.


With Special Monday Night Guest Performers :

Rhythms of the Nile

Presented by: DancEgypt

Directed by Will Brooks

Throughout antiquity, the Nile provided Egyptians with food, water, transportation and sustenance.  But the river was much more that that – it provided the tempo in their lives, and was the place where many cultures gathered to share stories, food, music and dance.  

July 14, 21 & 28 (7:30pm) Adults $25, Students and Seniors $20, Youth $12


Dance on the Saskatchewan

Presented by: Dance Saskatchewan Inc.

A collection of performance works featuring a variety of dance genres from all across Saskatchewan. Pre-Show entertainment will commence at 6:30pm with the main show starting at 7:30pm.  Don't miss this celebration of Saskatchewan's growing, diverse, and vibrant dance community.

August 11th and 18th (7:30pm)  Adults $20, Children & Seniors $15